Friends of Nutre Hogar works hand in hand with the Nutre Hogar medical facility in Santiago, Panama to help save the lives of medically at risk and severely malnourished Panamanian children. Through fundraising and capital campaigns, Friends of Nutre Hogar purchases medical supplies, facility equipment, and other much-needed items to help the Nutre Hogar care center in Santiago, Panama meet the needs of its young patients. In 2015, Friends of Nutre Hogar was awarded the Key to the City by the mayor of Santiago.

Friends of Nutre Hogar is recognized as a government-approved charitable organization (501(c)3) that is dedicated to serving the Panamanian community.

Our Mission Statement

We assist Nutre Hogar in its mission to rehabilitate malnourished Panamanian children by providing financial support, sending regular shipments of supplies, and working towards our shared goal of eradicating malnutrition by championing sustainable solutions to lessen its sprawling impact on the community.

We couldn't have done it alone!  There are countless indvidiuals who have contributed to this project and have helped Friends of Nutre Hogar touch so many lives in Panama.  We'd like to thank a few people in particular:

Gracias a Sue Weber for all your help over the years! You have been our biggest supporter in this endeavor and we cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you've given to Friends of Nutre Hogar!

Gracias a Jeanne Kasza for your support in the early years of Friends of Nutre Hogar! You helped this project get off the ground when it was just an idea and your belief in this cause is still so appreciated!

Gracias a Carolyn Stephens and the generous community of the Northshore Presbyterian Church! Mrs. Stephens has rallied for this cause and organized for the Church to send wonderful bags packed with wishlist items!

Gracias a Michelle Mullen for your enthusiasm for Friends of Nutre Hogar! Mrs. Mullen has recently become involved with Friends and she jumped in head first. Please read her wonderful blog about her time in Panama here.

Gracias a Don Neihardt for your constant encouragement and generous donations! You have always believed in Friends of Nutre Hogar and supported our mission.

The Board of Friends of Nutre Hogar is unique in that every member has traveled to Panama to volunteer at the Nutre Hogar - Santiago center. We have all been deeply impacted by our experiences in Panama, making us extremely passionate about this cause.