Who is Friends of Nutre Hogar?

Friends of Nutre Hogar is a tax-deductible non-profit organization dedicated to the service of vastly underprivileged Panamanians. Our goal is to help impoverished families and starving children find sustainable solutions within their own communities so that, collectively, they can reach their full potential as contributing citizens of Panama. Read our Mission Statement and more about our Board members here.

How does Friends of Nutre Hogar operate?

Friends of Nutre Hogar focuses on seven regions in Panama that are serviced by Nutre Hogar centers. Nutre Hogar facilities are recuperation centers for severely malnourished children and their families. These centers offer educational classes on nutrition and parenting, as well as provide emergency supplies to nurse malnourished children back to health. Currently, Friends of Nutre Hogar is connected with centers in Santiago and Coclé in order to better serve the Panamanian community. 

What does Friends of Nutre Hogar do?

Friends of Nutre Hogar is dedicated to the support of Nutre Hogar and its objectives:

Objective 1 - Provide assistance to children from low income families who suffer from severe malnutrition by offering appropriate nourishment, medical attention, stimulation, and proper care.

Objective 2 - Provide education to the assisted children's parents on nutritional issues and, if needed, provide them with complimentary food once the child leaves the center to help them get back on track.

Objective 3 - Support national preventative efforts in nutrition through adequate education, including the provision of complimentary food to pre-school and school-aged children when necessary.

Objective 4 - Provide support to existing organized groups that are interested in developing solutions to malnutrition-related problems.

Is Friends of Nutre Hogar tax-deductible?

Yes! Friends of Nutre Hogar is a government-recognized 501(c)3 program. All donations given to the charity are considered tax-deductible and can be written off at the end of the year. With any type or size of donation, we supply a receipt for your records and also keep records for our tax purposes.

Where can I donate?

Donate now through our Donations page! There, you will find a variety of ways to donate - including those that come at no cost to you. As well, visit our Contact Us page to receive information about fundraising events and current donation projects.

If I prefer to donate items, is that also tax-deductible?

Absolutely! Check out our Wish List for some ideas of what is most needed in Panama. Send us an e-mail at friendsofnutrehogar@gmail.com if you would like more information about donations and where to drop off your donation.

How can I visit these communities in Panama?

Friends of Nutre Hogar was created by the same founders and group leaders of the Panama Service Project - an outfit that provides a first-hand experience for adults, students, and families to learn more about our cause and how they can help.

The participants of the Panama Service Project (PSP) stay with Panamanian families who provide cultural experiences and language immersion. PSP also works with Nutre Hogar directly, offering community service opportunities for the participants. To learn more about the Panama Service Project, please visit our partner website and follow the 2016 trip blog.

How can I contact Friends of Nutre Hogar?

Please visit our Contact Us page to sign up to receive more information on Nutre Hogar, upcoming fundraising events, and current donation projects.

For direct communication, mail can be sent to: 7630 Boyd Way; Fox Point, WI 53217.

You can also e-mail us at: friendsofnutrehogar@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!